Youth Ministry

NDM's Youth Ministry is devoted to cultivating boldness within our young people. Philippians 1:20 says "For I FULLY expect and hope that I will NEVER be ashamed, but that I will continue to be BOLD for Christ." We believe that we have to prepare and equip every young person to share the Gospel in an attempt to save souls in their community. The Youth Ministry is led by Hassan Martin and Roxanne Daley. 

Women's Ministry

NDM's Women's Ministry believes that women must grow into the faith and love of God. Our women fellowship with one another through a variety of activities and services dedicated to personal growth. The Women's Minstry is directed by Verona Llewellyn.

Men's Fellowship

NDM's Men's Fellowship is led by Pastor Mike. Its goal is to gather men in the community and uplift one another through a variety of activities and discussions. 

Praise & Worship

The Praise and Worship Team at NDM invites all who come to receive healing, salvation and deliverance through a dynamic worship experience.